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commute to work in a conscious way

Big cities are well connected. But what about the rest of country? Inadequate public transport systems make people dependent on the use of cars. Every morning d every evening, 9 out of 10 cars carry only the driver.

We believe it does not have to be like this way. We connect conscious commuters to share their ride o work with others, thereby lowering costs and CO2 footprint of the driver and the passenger. 

"We celebrate conscious commuters"

commuting: expensive, time-consuming, pollutive

In the Netherlands alone, 30 billion kg of CO2 is emitted in the atmosphere through road traffic. 

The high amount of traffic is a problem on a societal scale. Heavy traffic means high levels of congestions, with traffic jams costing the average citizen 24 hours every year. And the traffic problem continues on companies’ premises. Parking spots are in high demand and fuel remains a costly expense.

CO2 Emmisions
Cars on the Street
Time in Traffic

A simple tool to organize your shared commute

Instead of driving alone to work, pick up your colleague on the way and drive together.

Planing, timing, cost-splitting? We make it easy for you!

  • Get to know colleagues that have a similar route
  • Plan your working week or stay flexible day to day
  • Your way to and back home is covered 
  • Simple fixed fee, no matter the time
  • See real-time distance to colleague while waiting
  • Save half of the fuel cost
  • See and improve your impact


Real-Time Feedback

See if your colleague is on his way and how many minutes he is way from the pick up point

Fixed Fee

No need to negotiate fuel cost with your colleagues. It is transparent and helps you halve your costs 

Easy Planning

Drives are scheduled latest the evening before. No last minute stress in the mornings 

See Your Impact

We measure your shared drives to calculate your  contribution to decreasing CO2 emissions 

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